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Honda Ridgeline 2025 Pick-Up Truck by Rohan Dhing

Thesis Statement: The Smart Truck
Designing the 2025 Ridgeline keeping in mind the roots of the truck and focusing on pushing the limits aesthetically with the help of colors and materials. Proportionally preserving the true essence of an American truck while giving it a fresh and modern look.

Exterior: Bold. Rugged. Modern
The exterior proportions reflect the bold personality of the customer. The colors and materials represent the modern outlook. The final design captures the current Ridgeline and puts a very modern spin on it. The materials are chosen in order to give it that simplistic product like look while still captivating the overall presence and proportions of a truck.

Interior: Simple. Calm. Contemporary
The interior provides a very soothing environment for the individual and their family. The interior concept enhances the family experience by bring them closer. The final theme creates a simplistic and inviting ambience all around interior. It also encourages human interaction  and enables the family user to bond over long road trips.

Designer: Rohan Dhing, Senior Transportation Design Student at Lawrence Technological University
Location: Southfield, MI, United States

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