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Jaguar. Project Reveal by Robson, Purvis and Grassman

Jaguar for generation Z. Designing a vehicle which changes peoples perception of current automotive industry appealing more to a new market with different values.

Design Team: Matthew Robson, Charlie Purvis, Darin Grassman
8 week group project in association with Jaguar.
Location: London, United Kingdom

The project's aim was to investigate the notion of a shared luxury experience, and to explore how generation Z will potentially own and interact with a future Jaguar sports car. The concept behind Project Reveal focuses upon how materials can directly influence the design process, in terms of their properties, the way that age, both beautifully and naturally with shared use, complementing the concepts features, which in itself is filled with surprise, theatre and delight.

Exterior Development

Exterior forms were inspired by natural leather exploration early in the design process.
This gave a strong design influence and created main theme.

Interior Development

With more and more cars becoming autonomous designers wanted to create a spectacle of the manual controls.The only visible parts made out of milled aluminium on the car and following on from the leather themed design inspiration.

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