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Lagonda Autonomous GT Luxury Flagship by Sam Philpott

This is the first autonomous GT, capable of travelling hyperdistances of over 1500 miles through the night. The car is designed around an interior adaptable for overnight journeys but also enables maximum range through a low drag / high surface area form.

How can a 1500 mile overnight journey luxurious? This was done through the creation of a service that enable you to personalise your autonomous journey with preferred stop locations, lengths and functions.

The interior design was also led by the need to keep an overnight journey luxurious — enabled by having 3 different positions within the cabin and designing for them — engaged, relaxed, and retired. Each position, from upright to lying down, was catered for, with an interior reflecting this transition of positions.

The exterior is a function derived form. Firstly, there needs to be enough room to allow for the interior transition of spaces previously mentioned.  Secondly, to aid the hyper-distance of the vehicle, the entire top surface is a solar array, and thus requires a large surface area. Thirdly, the form has to be super low-drag to maximise range. These three factors dictated the form into a functional yet aesthetically elegant and luxurious silhouette.

To summarise, this vehicle will probably spend 90% of the time on the 10 mile commute, locked up in a garage, or cruising around the city centre.  But the real luxury is knowing that, at the touch of a button, you can relax, travel 1500 miles through the night, and escape.

Designer: Sam Philpott
Location: London, United Kingdom

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