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Audi Crystal by Petr Badura

The aim of this project was to merge the identity of Audi with designer’s vision. The foundation lies in Petr Badura’s ability to work with glass, which he has gathered during art high school education.

Badura wanted to create a sculpture that would reflect Audi and at the same time carrying properties of the glass. The sculpture is composed of aluminium and glass parts. Aluminium is in this case modelled smoothly, representing elegance and nobleness. It contrasts with the sharp-edged glass surface, which in turns aims to evoke a wildness and provokes a little bit, teasing the viewer’s eye.

Design: Petr Badura
Photo: Richard Kucera Guzman

Trying to find a right proportion of side view, which could gratefully express a strive to long elegant limousine. Long front and rear part as well. Parts around wheels are beveled backwards for stronger dynamic impression.

Aluminium frame around glass part stylization. Main part of the frame connected with parts around rear wheels by simple line, which goes from rear to the roof, where ended by Audi rings.

Final design stage. Visible contrast between sharp edged glass part and smoothly modeled aluminium frame.

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