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Daihatsu Neko. Iconic + Compact truck by Minsub Han

Iconic + Compact Truck

Lot of compact cars nowadays have too much serious facial impression. Thinking more about pure volume and precise details would be next step.

Especially for big cities, the road system sometimes is not good enough for driving. Still lot of streets are too narrow for drivers to control their car smoothly. This is one of the biggest reason why the sale of compact cars has been sharply increased nowadays. But at the same time, drivers want to feel pleasure of driving though they are in compact cars.

Designer: Minsub Han, Undergraduate (Pforzheim, Hongik University)
Location: Seoul, South Korea

Applying cat iconic face (called Neko in Japanese) into a compact truck. Nowadays, lot of compact cars have too much serious impression. Thinking more about pure volume with iconic and precise details would be the next step
Applying facial impression of cat into the mask
Facial variations based on Japanese emotion
Observation the cat habits

Pure volume of metal without unnecessary details /ref. Jeff Koons/
Focusing on the dramatic volume of rear wheel house

Using a trailer, passengers also get a pleasure of outdoor activities

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