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Dendrobium by Vanda Electrics, Williams & van Overbeeke

Electric Hypercar designed for it's time

Inspired by nature and rooted in technology, the Dendrobium fuses a respect for the environment with a design-driven approach to engineering. The Dendrobium’s design challenges the visual sense of viewers while drawing out intrigue among discerning ones. The delicate marriage of lines and curves casts dramatic shadows, reflecting the soothing texture of aluminium, carbon fibre and glass.

Impossibility to endless possibilities

The Dendrobium has a stand out design, with unique features including an automatic synchronized roof and doors, resembling a fully-opened dendrobium flower, a genus of orchids native to Singapore. The tear drop shape that forms around the cockpit and ends in the tail is a design feature that has remained a key part of Dendrobium from the initial sketches.

The interior is designed for the driver as the absolute centre of attention. Contrasting with the predominantly black carbon fibre interior. The bright red body-hugging sports seats feature stitching and motifs inspired by muscle fibres.

Source: Vanda Electrics

Design: Vanda Electrics, Williams Advanced Engineering, Andries van Overbeeke, Marco van Overbeeke

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