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Tesla T1 Michelin Design Challenge 2017 by Miguel Angel Bahri

Miguel Angel Bahri personal vision of the Tesla T1 project.

Design team: Miguel Angel Bahri, Omar Alfarra Zendah, Federico Adolfo Abascal, Abelardo Bahri
Presentation & Graphics: Kevin Morales Di Santiago
Location: IED Instituto Europeo De Diseño, Barcelona, Spain

Brief Overview

Developed for the Michelin Design Challenge 2017, the goal consisted in create a ready to race, winning machine for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Since 1923, Le Mans was been more than just a race, developing the finest groundbreaking technologies to bring them into the streets.

By its innovative and sustainable philosophy, Tesla brings for 2030 a new electric competitor based on wind advantages, capable of earning more energy while gains more acceleration, an ideal situation tracking in consideration that more than 65% of Le Mans laps are made with full throttle.

The Challenge was to integrate the concept not only into the racer’s design and feeling, but also thinking in the tyres and technical solutions as one unit. This allowed the team to bring up a solid and strong proposal for Michelin, following the Tesla’s brand philosophy and character.

The Package

The concept proposal was build up around the idea of using an unlimited power resource as the wind. From this point, everything took up shape starting from the four wheels: they had to serve as energy recovery systems taking advantage of Le Mans average speeds per lap and without depending only in braking regeneration as nowadays.

The T1 has four air turbines integrated in the wheels, which are able to redirect the air through specific points crucial in the design: a fifth wind turbine in the body and the rear diffuser.

Retouched render (colour and livery) from original project

Tesla T1 Dynamic Axes System

Tesla T1 Aerodynamics

Tesla T1 Turbine

Tesla T1 Tyres Concept

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