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Audi Mo-be Concept by Fernando Pastre Fertonani and Bart Heijt

In the future where cities are growing into metropoles, there is no much room for nature.

The Audi Mo-Be is the ultimate solution to escape the concrete jungle and enjoy all nature has to give. From wakeboarding to mountain biking, from ski- and snowboarding to paragliding, Audi Mo-Be’s unconventional two seater layout allows the user to bring all his gear and provides maximum flexibility. 

Audi Mo-Be designed to look durable and though but still refined. To escape your busy life the vehicle only features one interface that displays essential information. Audi Mo-Be is completely controlled by voice commands. Next to that the autonomous mode helps the user to enjoy looking at the scenery without distraction. The minimalistic and clean interior is covered with a hydrophobic flexible fabric. The panels can close if the car is not used and the seat will shape to the body of the user. The suspension of the Audi Mo-Be is a collaboration of a magnetic sub-frame and airless tires. Each piece of tire thread is modular and can be replaced individually.

Design Team: Fernando Pastre Fertonani, Bart Heijt
Project in collaboration with Audi for the Master in Transportation and Car Design at SPD
Location: Milano, Italy

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