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Bentley Sonoran by Valerio Vessella

American hot-rod with the English spirit. The main volume of the car is like a torpedo, an evolution of Bentley design.
Designer: Valerio Vessella, Milan, Italy.


In 2030, lower-than-anticipated oil prices in the preceding 15 years will have led to a future quite similar to life in the 1980s and 1990s. The economy will be booming, and oil prices will have stabilized as the economy pulls out of the Great Recessioncaused by the financial crisis of 2008. 

Lacking external pressures, elected officials will not havepursued changes in U.S. energy policy. The share of AFVs in the fleet will be low, and inexpensive fuel will also have made driving relavely inexpensive. This situation will have induced more suburbanization.

The market for suburban living will be thriving based on demand from young families with money to spend on freestanding houses and new cars. Climate change will be happening, but the effects will be localized. Policies to mitigate climate change will have been adopted only by highly affected states or cities with the most-committed populaces. A reluctance to raise taxes will have left the transportation sector severely underfunded. A few states will have adopted modified mileagefee systems, and a few big cities will have imposed congestion charges. But overall, the condition of U.S. roads and bridges will be getting worse, although the extent of the decline will vary greatly. Technology will substitute for some travel but not enough, and congestion will have grown.

Sonoran Concept

In this scenario silver driver have their personal house in desert areas that are the new suburbs. They are easily connected to cities thanks to modular rails, where their Bentley is constantly recharged by a wireless charging system, powered by solar panels. Moreover magnetic sensors on the vehicle and on the guard-rail increase safety when they are in free ride.

Interior could be both sporty or gran turismo, like Bentley spirit. This is possible thanks to a single shape with two disposition of integrated seats. One like a race car and one like a chaise longue, with stretched legs position. This shape is moreover generated from the position of engine and battery pack, in the lower surface of the vehicle.

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