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BMW Auriga by Fromme, Brunsteiner and Howecker

Self driving cars will change how we use and finance our private mobility. Most of people will rather share a car, than own one. This shared, generic, autonomous vehicles will require a flagship car that can still represent the BMW brand values in a world of uniformity.

Autonomous driving will not only change how cars look, and how they are used, it will also change our activities in the car. BMW has always been standing for dynamics, premium and joy. How can we still generate the same feeling, when we are not driving the car ourself anymore? What are the BMW joy moments going to be in 2030?

Design Team: Philipp Fromme, Daniel Brunsteiner, Florian Howecker

Core Idea. In the future (2040), 80% of all cars will be shared and owning a car will be luxurious. This concept is aiming to create a car that delimits itself from other cars, and redefines owning a car.

The analogy of the carriage, is directly translated to package. The “horse” in the front houses all technical parts, while the “carriage” has a lot of volume for the passengers. All important sensors for autonomous driving, are located in the big fin pointing to the front. The fin gives the car an autonomous and unique character.

Exterior. Designers tried to create a minimalistic, iconic and modern look and therefore decided to use sophisticated materials: glass, aluminium and copper. They focused on an “autonomous” appearance, and simple, clear shapes. Furthemore, design team created a look that incorporates lightness as well as showing its large capacity. For high performance and efficiency, the base of Auriga is built from a compound of lightweight aluminium and carbon fiber.

Interior. Designers focused on a very versatile yet luxurious interior. The leather furnished seats in the rear deliver the best overview of the whole drive as well as interior situation. Giving access use, the ride will be a joy for every owner of Auriga. The transformative seats in the front are adaptible to many great features with comfortable and intuitive for guests and help to support the variety of interior layout settings which are essential for our scenarios, for example an “office on the road”.

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