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McLaren GT Vision by Rohan Patel

The car would initially move with the help of battery and due to wind blowing. Wind turbines would generate power and transfer it to the batteries.

The whole exterior was inspired by Ray and wind tunnel technology. Thin panels and hollow space makes car lighter. Hence following McLaren’s philosophy of lightweight cars. Rear of the car has to create a lot of down force to keep vehicle on the ground at high speed. There are also four wind turbines near cabin when rotating creates Sound of the Wind. Hence enhancing the experience of the driver.

Designer: Rohan Patel, ISD Rubika, India

Inspiration: one unified surface. Layouts: Four wind turbines for good weight distribution.

Development: front

Development: rear

Exploded view: final placing and layout of the car

Vertical wind turbine. This turbine can rotate and generate energy: no matter what is the direction of the wind. Turbine shines when the break is applied.
The tunnel is inspired by the feeding process of the Manta ray. Same principle was applied: maximum air is let in and used by the wind turbines.


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