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Michelin LMS-GT Vision 2030 By Reza Salianeh

LMS-GT is a next generation high performance electric car and benefits from light-weight replaceable batteries which despite their small size, store high capacity of energy. The tire, brake and battery come together as a replaceable unit with a time-saving and extremely easy installation procedure.

Eye-Catching Design. The design has been inspired from fighter jets to minimize the air friction. Two vents placed on either side of the cabin provides downward pressure to improve handling. The cabin has been designed to minimize the obstruction of sight. To keep it light weight and added strength the chase and body has been constructed from composite materials such as carbon-fiber and aluminium.

Designer: Reza Salianeh, Tehran

Vehicles competing in Le Mans mainly use super-soft tires as it offers easy handling and acceleration, but on the other hand they have a short lifespan. In order to solve this problem, designers used a hard outer shell as a frame for four smart rotate-able super-soft segments. 

A special compartment has been designed on top of the fenders to compensate for the extra space needed to do the rotation process.

A sensor is responsible to notify the driver of the segments needed to be rotated. To do the rotation process, driver needs to slow down (e.g. in a pit-stop) and touch the auto-rotate screen, the rotation process automatically proceeds while vehicle is on the move.

LM-GT modification

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