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Shaped By The Wind: Audi Future Race

What will be the future of Audi racing cars? How will they look like? The answer will be found in spectacular Audi project visions from automotive designers all over the world.

Audi Formula Track 2036 by Arie Hutton.
Audi LMP-X by Andrés Bastidas.
Audi Le Mans Vision 2030 by David Porter.

Audi Formula Track 2036

Designer: Arie Hutton 
Massey University, New Zealand

Designed to keep human and machine together, the Audi Formula Track is a concept vision for 20 years in the future. The aim of the design is to incorporate Audi Sport’s famous motor racing heritage (Auto Union) in a futuristic two-seater track specific Audi track car. This project has a key focus on the experience and emotion of driving and being able to share this experience with the passenger.

Audi LMP-X 

Designer: Andrés Bastidas
Lawrence Technological University, United States

The Audi LMP-X came to life as a result of the 2017 Michelin Challenge Design: Design for the Win. Conceived as an LMP-1 prototype to compete in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2030, the LMP-X features an innovative architecture that made it possible to have such a distinct and iconic design.

Audi Le Mans Vision 2030

Designer: David Porter
Cleveland Institute of Art, United States

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