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Tesla Model M 2025 Mars Rover by Sang Won Lee

Conquering New Boundaries. Tesla is the only company that has direct relationship to space technology. This can make Tesla a very unique and fascinating brand, especially when Mars exploration is no longer a dream.

Basic Form. The simple spherical form provides superior vision. It's purity mkes this vehicle functional while having a strong character.

Individual Steering System. The technologies from space industry is the key feature of Model M. Each feature gives Model M's identity as a space rover inspired vehicle.

Package. 3 men triangular position is related to crewmanship.

Design. Pure spherical form interlocked in structure provides dramatic surface change. This form language was inspired by current space rovers (EX, Curiosity, NASA's Vehicle).

Design: Sang Won Lee, Art Center College of Design
Location: Pasadena, CA, United States

Basic Form. Extreme lift on individual wheels supported by hangar-type suspension

Individual Steering System. 360 degree rotation enables vehicle to change direction or steer with minimum turn radius.

Package Development. Easy access to repair and supplies.

Final Direction. The spherical form of cabin gives dramatic surface change.

Direction Development

Clay Modeling Process

Clay Modeling Process

The form language was inspired by curren space rovers.

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