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Bentley EXP Speed 12 Vision GT by Florian Westermann

The idea was to create a car for the famous racing video game Gran Turismo. This game is known for its Vision GT concepts and designer wanted to make a race car for the brand, that did not present a VGT concept yet. Designer's choice came down on Bentley, cause he fell in love with past concepts like the EXP Speed 8 or the Hunaudières and because of Bentley's tradition and success in racing history.

Designer: Florian Westermann
Braunschweig University of Art

Concept & Form Language

Today, Bentley is known for producing powerful handcrafted luxury cars. But for creating Vision Gran Turismo concept designer took a look on classic Bentley cars from the 1920s and 1930s, that were built for competition and wanted to combine the classic racing aspect with the exalted appearance of contemporary models.

Finally, he decided to make a racing car powered by W-12-hybrid-engine with nice roadster proportions and an extremely long bonnet.

In the beginning designer thought about making an open bonnet to focus the engine and its power:

The roadster proportions has been part of the concept right from the start, so designer wanted to make the driver's head part of the design and tried various positions:

A strong racing car definitely needs a massive diffusor at the back:

Highlighting the cockpit as a most important part by giving a driver's helmet a different colour:

The interior is totally focused on the driver. That is why co-driver's place is covered:

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