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Fiat Activism Vision 2031 by Yimeng Li

Design a new direction for the year 2031 and beyond that exemplifies creative excellence through research,exploration and innovation. Inspired by people with a huge following in social media. BFA thesis project sponsored by FCA.

Designer: Yimeng Li,
College for Creative Studies, Detroit


2031 Vision Fiat inspired by Instagram celebrities and designed for people such as Cory Richards — an expedition photographer and professional climber. He is a passionate alpinist and visual storyteller, naturalist whose soul belongs to the nature, activist who keeps pushing his own boundary.

Why he doesn't want a traditional car? Cause the car isolates him from the nature and couldn't take him to any place he wants to be. So, Fiat Activism can give him that opportunities. It is a new type of vehicle combine the relaxing of autonomous car and the joy of outdoor training. Fiat Activism is a media-vehicle: media between the exsisting places and new adventures, so Cory could explore further places, media between people, so he could sharing experience with his partner, media between human and nature, so he may interacting with nature through his hobbies such as biking.

Side Profile

The contour is inspired by the shape of a man riding the bike. The front fender dashes straightly to the ground to support the vehicle, the front is designed to interpreting the stance of biking and keep the keyword of leightweight.

The exposed interior extending and wrapping the exterior, which turned into an interesting graphic break, the three dimensional shape of the interior is shaped by the fabric also has it's functions, like storage and switching seating position.

Biking Mode Transforming and OLED Interaction Surface

Packaging: relaxing and engaging seating position

Scale model: milled out in foam; Colors: Sage green, an iconic color from Fiat 500, shows a playful character and orange shows the spirit of adventure.

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