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Future of Jeep: New Form Factor Visions. Part One

Introducing the latest students' projects of Jeep brand DNA that defines new form factor vision for famous american sport utility vehicles.

2035 Jeep Offroad Concept

Designed by Nak Joong Kim, 
College for Creative Studies, Detroit
FCA Sponsored Thesis Project

The main shape of the car was inspired from a backpack. Strap part of the backpack works as a structure of the car. The interior is designed with movable central console.

2030 Jeep All-Terrain 

Designed by Jiayi Sun
College for Creative Studies, Detroit

Future off-road vehicle for future new city form with Wheel Adaption System. This system can make the tire adapt to different road conditions. When you drive on the flat road, the high-pressure layer is full of air, while the low-pressure layer is empty. When you drive off-road the pressure pot will open to spray out much air to the low-pressure layer.

Jeep E-pic Concept

Designed by Kefeng Liu
Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden

Jeep E-pic is an all-terrain SUV, which has the ability to conquer the crucial and extreme environment in Tibet. The design of E-pic heritages the classical Jeep DNA while moving a step forward with a sleek surface and sculptural form. This rebellion change gives E-pic a modern style with a higher fuel efficiency. The high ground clearance enables the vehicle to have a good trafficability characteristic. To solve the different emergent situations people may meet while traveling across the Tibet, Jeep E-pic is equipped with some necessary tools like winch, jack and first-aid package. They are well designed and located in the right place could be easy to obtain.
By applying the honeycomb structure tires, the wheels of E-pic are maintenance-free, which greatly improve the adaption in bad road conditions. Besides, the design of the wheels shows the caring of the ground with the wide grooves in the middle of each wheels, which could reduce the pressure of the vehicle for the ground. On the eco-friendly side, the rain collector in the front hood can transfers the water into the hydrogen for the fuel cell engine, which collaborates seamlessly with energy hub service provided by Jeep support the drivers to have an epical journey in Tibet but leave no trace.

2031 Jeep Versatile Urban Vehicle (VUV)

Designed by Won Choi
College for Creative Studies, Detroit

As future cities become more and more over populated, cities are unable to manage the overflow of people. Streets starts to fill with trees and plants while people live in tight buildings. Many parts of the cities become the exploration ground as the term 'urban jungle' becomes literal.

Jeep VUV 2031 is an autonomous urban jungle expeditor with three driving modes to fit all corners of the city: cruise, bump and rough.

2030 Jeep Cordato Autonomous 

Designed by Jinwon Kim

Hong-ik University, Seoul, South Korea

This Jeep concept designed for young married couple. In 2030, when buying a car, right after people get married, they will choose to have a car that can meet the needs of both sides.

 To be continued...

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