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Giulio Partisani: Great Passion For Cars & Sci-Fi

Giulio Partisani is an Italian-born Vehicle & Concept Designer with a great passion for cars and sci-fi.

Other great things he loves are his lovely wife Shakyra, manga, cats, Theropod dinosaurs, Danger (1789) music, black clothes, the Toyota Supra Mk4, Japanese culture, Slipknot music, the manga Akira and big spiders.

Work Experience

After graduating in 2008 at IED Turin, he worked for the following groups :

2007 Inovo Design, Intern Designer
2008 FF Design Studio, Junior Designer
2009–2014 Bertone, Exterior Designer
2009–2014 IED Turin, Teacher & Bachelor Coordinator
2013 Agusta Westland Project Zero, Lead Designer
2014 Ferrari, Exterior Designer
2015 Jaguar Land Rover Design Research, Senior Concept Designer
2015–2017 Jaguar Advanced Design, Senior Car Designer

Augusta Westland Project Zero

Presented in Las Vegas in 2013, this 14 meters wide beast has been developed to push the boundaries of modern aviation to the limit. When Giulio Partisani was working in Bertone they were always been asked to research and define new design visions mainly for the automotive industry, but this big boy has been the most challenging one for sure. 

The technologies that lies beneath the carbon fiber body are absolutely stunning, hybrid propulsion, fuel cells, permanent magnetic motors and VTOL capabilities on top of the chart, involving people from many different countries, from Italy and United Kingdom to Japan. Giulio was honored to work with such a creative team like this one at AugustaWestland and to gave his contribution shaping the design of the Project Zero.

Bertone Mesos Vision GT 2015

Personal interpretation of Vision GT for Bertone

Giulio was involved from the very start to design a vehicle that would represent at the best both Bertone and Gran Turismo brands, and the sad outcome did not stop him from continue its development according to an even more free and personal interpretation, and this is the result of the work he have done in about a week. You will never see this car in the videogame, but in designer's heart, the Bertone Mesos Vision GT will be the last brick that he dedicate to the work done for this fantastic brand, which has ruled the automotive design for decades through its visionary lenses.

Project ECHO

Personal Sci-Fi Story written and designed by Octon and distored by his alter-ego

ECHO Earth Vessel

Other Projects and Artworks

Latest: Toyota Supra MK5. Teaser

The Prologue and the part of the big design story in the nearest future. Stay tuned!

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