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GMC Cascadia by Joseph Boniface

Make it brutal. North America's rainforest occurs along brutal landscapes. Battered by harsh storms, ripping sea and blinding blizzards, the Pacific Northwest is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Much of this activity results from the shifting Cascadia fault line...

Go big in 2020. A fully autonomous future is very near, and with it come new opportunities. A more efficient infrastructure can justify owning a larger vehicle. Adventure lifestyles are beginning to become the norm, why not be able to share the experience with others?

Designer provide GMC vehicle that is:
1. Electric. Alternate methods of propulsion, using sculpture and detail to convey power and strength.
2. Efficient. Using new materials and manufacturing methods, resulting in a hyper usable, lifestyle-focused vehicle.
3. Convenient. The busy future requires focus and adaption. Autonomy and generative processes in design inform a sustainable vehicle.

Designer: Joseph Boniface,

Design Features

Brutal Sculpture. Ideating confident forms, structured by dynamic scaffolding in an attempt to create a more brutal language.
Fresh Take on Strength. Clamping graphics give a sense of confidence and power in the absence of a grill. Cooling comes from integrated venting in the lights and on the hood.

Adaptable Form. Shifting surface opacity allows focus or exploration a modularly constructed frame aids in maintenance on the go.

Tasteful Side Body. Creased surfaces that flow together convey a confident and emotive form language.
Alternative Strength. Clumping structures give a sense of power and strength in absence of a traditional grill.

Aerodynamically Considered. A large vehicle must take advantage of opportunities for efficiency. An aero-inspired shape prevents turbulence.
Designed For Use. A modular frame informs functions to aid in everyday use. A roof-box that mounts and unloads itself encourages more frequent use.

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