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Design Future: The 10 Exciting Moonbase-Looking Autonomous Exteriors

Autonomous vehicles will radically transform the look of the road system in near future. It will make rides much more better. Once people do not have to steer anymore, they gain time for other activities: working, exploring hard-to-reach areas or just traveling. The vehicles will become a real offices, research stations or moon bases — and this will be reflected by its exteriors.

1. Land Rover Liberty

Designer: Jinsoo Son
Hongik University

2. Lincoln Vision 2040

Designer: Min Kee Sull
College for Creative Studies

3. Opel Shell / MPV Concept

Designer: Árpád Takács
Hochschule Pforzheim

4. BMW Auriga

Designers: Philipp Fromme, Daniel Brunsteiner, Florian Howecker
FH Joanneum

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5. Renault VUE Concept

Designer: Hongru Zhou
Hochschule Pforzheim

6. Mercedes-Benz Easy

Designer: Martin Chatelier
Strate College

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7. Matrēshka Volgabus/BMG

Designers: Anton Kujilniy, Grisha Reshetnikov
Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering

8. Panorama

Designer: Bart de Graaff
Coventry University


Designers: Benjamin Loinger, Clara Fessler, JM Wilkens
FH Joanneum

10. Volkswagen Luna

Designer: Danilo Makio Saito

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