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Tesla New York City Cab by Fromme and Wochinger

What will the taxi of the future look like? The automotive industry is changing due to amazing technologies, providing the possibility of self-driving cars, full connectivity and clean electric energy. These aspects are crucial for almost any city, especially the mega cities polluted with smog. Tesla and Google are two big players in modern mobility. Taking the "Yellow Cap", which has become a symbol of New York City and reinventing the vehicle to commute people by a collaboration between Google's navigation and Tesla's latest electric powertrain. The design is focused on modern, functional and trustworthy look, as the cab runs 24/7 under rough environments and needs to be resistant against abrasion.

Design: Clean But Trustworthy

The future urban mobility has to be solved quickly as the traffic becomes an absolute disaster. The Tesla NYC Cab project shows clever and clean solution to solve the problem of single passanger driving. The design is kept very robust and simple.

Designers: Philipp Frome, Lukas Wochinger

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