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Volvo Voyage by Ding Zeng

Volvo Interior for family in 2030. Based on three interaction levels: dinner time (family core area), after school and bed time (capsule hotel).

Designer: Ding Zeng
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA

Dinner time. Lounge on each side can either fit 3 people sitting or let 1 person lying down.

The kids sit slightly higher than parents to have better view to the screen.
The way of getting into the car is the same as one's entering the movie theatre.

Corner seat allows the passenger to face different directions.

3D Package

After school

Window seat has lighting. The lower headrest in the front can be used when one would like to lye down.

Inspired by the sunken living room

3D Package

Bed time (capsule hotel)

The cave/capsule give the kids good rest and fun at the same time.

3D Package

One can stretch legs when the seat is all the way to the bag.

One can stretch legs when the seat is all the way to the bag. 
A bathtub like seat is the little space for the kids.

Have fun on getting into the car: climbing up into the window and jumping onto trampoline is a small adventure for the kids.
 Final Direction

"Bathtub": Wood floor wraps up to hold the "bathtub" and creates the "little door pocket".

Speaker, door release handle and control screen integrated in one shape.

P1–headrest cushion; P2–metal frame; P3–headrest support; P4–seat.

Put the "bathtub" lateral to save the wheelbase.

The basement of the "bathtub" is a drawer. When the drawer is pulled out, it can be support of the side wall of the "bathtub". Then people can have a place to get together.

The other side of the "bathtub" can open as well to let kids to access their own little space.

Considering the safety both adults and children are get in/off at the curb side. Kids have a special way to climb into the car just for the fun factor.

Decoration: customers have different choices in terms of interior materials.

Digital model

Digital model

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