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Land Rover Melrakki by Lukas Medeisis

During this project Lukas Medeisis traveled to Iceland to explore the country and learn how designers can improve the experience of travel. Lukas used his research, observations and the Land Rover heritage to look for opportunities in an autonomous off-road scenario. Furthermore designer wanted to explore of how renewable energy sources can be used to benefit vehicle development and usage. 

Project outcome is Land Rover Melrakki, a vehicle developed to explore Iceland while sustaining main traveler needs in a downscaled solution.

Scenario is driven by target user who sees value in experiences over possessions. Lukas truly believe that rather than a trend this tendency will continue allowing designers to develop better tools for it. Outcome of this project offers an adventure with improved safety, comfort and a more dynamic experience. This project tells a positive future scenario for Iceland and will create a conversation of how can people get there.

Designer: Lukas Medeisis
Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden

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