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Tesla Alter-Ego by Anggoro Inggriasto

Tesla is one the most succesfull pioneer of mass production of electric vehicles. Particularly the Model S, which has been an icon of fast reliable electric sedan. The approach is to redifine a new gran tourer which has two personalities, being sporty and utilitarian.

Designer: Anggoro Inggriasto
Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design, Turin

An attempt to define a new shape possibilities of a gran tourer, with an electric configuration. A nearly flat chassis, with a lot of room to be used. And trying to show the flare of an electric vehicle. 

Ideation sketch
The chosen proposal is the reinterpretation of a gran tourer with two personalities. A great long haul gran tourer which evokes driving excitement with a spacious compartment to support outdoor activity. A new statement of how a Tesla’s gran tourer should be. 

Tesla has been known with their innovative yet cutting-edge cabin and dashboard configuration. The approach for the interior will be pushing the center touch screen oriented design even further, with new construction which resembles lightness and meticulousness.

Interior ideation sketch
An attempt to define a new arrangement of the dashboard by making the center touch screen to be more significantly appear, that stands-out from the whole volume. And the seatings that being suspended from the center cabin volume. 

To support the duality concept, the rear glass section has been specially designed to accommodate outdoor activity, such as road-cycling after a long scenic journey.

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