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Tesla Model EXP by Xabier Albizu

When working on Tesla Model EXP designer tried to use different surfaces and layers, playing with air flow, active aerodynamics and a big diffuser. The "open" rear lets the air flow freely and remove heat from the components easily while making the rear look aggressive and extreme at the same time. 

The front has a reinterpretation of the Tesla design language with clean lines and a sporty feeling thanks to the low nose and headlamps, quite in contrast with the more extreme rear. On the side designer played with different materials, cutting front and rear visually and letting visible the capsule-like cabin.

Designer: Xabier Albizu

Aerodynamics. The Tesla Model EXP has an advanced and active aero package where air flows efficiently between the exterior body panels and the interior capsule-like cabin. The air flow helps at both, keeping the powertrain and batteries cooled and creating the necessary downforce for great handling.

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