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Ultimate Bikes

Introducing a selection of ultimate concepts that allows to rethink some of engineering solutions and form factor visions of modern motorbikes.

1. Martin Motta's Ducati

2. Valerio Polifroni's KTM Enduro/Rally
Thinking about a new KTM 450cc series that can go from hard enduro to extreme rally just in a few steps.  

3. Andrea Vetrucci's Piaggio Pulse

4. Alicia Taglisacchi's Strada SGT Urban Electric Motorcycle

The Strada Sergeant (SGT) is a lightweight, stripped down, highly maneuverable electric motorcycle designed for the urban rider. The 30 kWh battery pack is tailored for the space restrictions of an urban environment, this rechargeable battery can be removed for charging convenience. Equipped with a brushless EV motor, Öhlins adjustable suspension and glove box storage large enough to store a full face helmet with additional USB ports.

5. Petr Badura's KTM XE Plus Concept

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