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Valtra Norss by Daniel Platek and Artur Gaca

Norss Tractor is a contemporary delivery of an agricultural machine. Innovative technical solutions and simple, clear design are to ensure improvement in all forms of agricultural tasks at the farmstead. 

Norss Tractor is a contemporary solution of an agricultural machine, operating as a command unit. Due to its structure it allows to maintain full control over the area of work. Mobile driver's cab slides on a special rail back and forth, allowing to monitor actions on both ends of the vehicle.

Fitted with lights and cameras replacing traditional mirrors, Norss is capable of participating in normal traffic. Camera work in a tri-step regulations systems, and their position depends on the width of a sidecar and type of a cargo. Powered by an electric engine it is both sustainable and environmental friendly. Upper bodywork covers allow access to both engine and circuitry, while front and back panels provide the possibility to plug in additional equipment depending on user needs and type of work. In order to access the vehicle, one must push a cab door opening button. If the back is not centered, the button will reset its position default. 

Norss is an autonomous vehicle, that due to its programming is capable of performing tasks independently or along with an additional rover. Rover is equipped with an electric engine supported by solar panel and satellite receiver allowing data transmition from a central unit located in tractor's driver's cab. This solution provides both increased productivity and decreased worktime needed for a task to be completed.

Design team: Daniel Platek, Artur Gaca (Plaga Designers)

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