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Vision : BIG. Autonomous Living Room by Choonghyun Kim

The development of technology have influenced on lifestyle of people. Autonomous driving technology will make people's life 'movable'. So designer suggest the car that is not staying in one particular place but moves everywhere people want. It is a 'moving mini house' for one person family that can been connected to architecture.

Designer: Choonghyun Kim
Hongik University, Seoul

Ideation sketches
People who wants to move around can live anywhere they want thanks to autonomous living room. This car is something between architecture and vehicle. Designer used horizontal or vertical lines to be efficiently fit to architecture.

Top view study
People can park their room through the city parking system that is connected to building. First detach the rear wheel and then autonomously parked at the parking room. Then parking room elevate the vehicle between building.

Indirect lighting

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