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Advance Racing 4WD VR Car by EPTA Design

The short, and very exciting, adventure that saw EPTA Design as a support partner in some drones projects for the American market, helped to develop this independent project. Cameras, sensors and speed will make you feel unbeliveable emotions!

Design team: EPTA Design

Understanding the technology platform, the latest innovations to understand dimensions, constructive limits is the starting point  to developing the aesthetic part.

When the scale of the project is small, it is crucial to cure every small detail as a jewel.

Proximity Sensors, Cameras, Led, GPS Sensors and Antennas ... Sometimes you have to select some technologies and move their use from one sector to another. Fun and engagement will be breathtaking.

The goal is always to give a nice dress to each project. Surface and connector control is critical to an object that will be appreciated from a close distance.

The surfaces and volumes, in the EPTA design language, must be precise and sharp.  A balance between muscles and nerves.

EPTA's work has tried to "overwhelm" the "overload" language that is sometimes recognized in the style of many RC cars.

The shortest exploration phase of the external style. Solutions too "different", or too "calm" were discarded.

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