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Daniel Platek

Selected projects by industrial and automotive designer Daniel Platek.

Bugatti Cheval

Bugatti is very unique. The history that surrounds the brand is unique. Its distinct character owes a family of artists with Italian roots. Family for the closest excellent architecture, sculpture and design. This means that Bugatti is a brand where designs are based on technological concepts as well as on the art center. 

The result was the legendary automotive inspired by art, form and technique, four-wheeled artwork. Bugatti always offers to make the most unusual and the best. Only when such a name can boast the signature and the name of great tradition. Brand boasts a great tradition based on several basic pillars and directions. Art, Form, Technique, in position, always following the lead of Bugatti in the design and DNA of the company. The next pillar is "Life in the Blue", which symbolizes the French national colors and the distinctive shades of blue for the brand. Cheval is a French horse, Ettore Bugatti never hides with love for horses, but owe a few inherent stylistic elements in shape. Cheval would use the technology of magnetic levitation, a phenomenon in the physics of floating without mechanical contact with the ground, which is a phenomenon in the physics of floating without mechanical contact with the ground. Optimized performance and quality, in a precise and perfect way to solve materials. Each Bugatti represents solid values ​​and expresses excellence and excellence in every millimeter.

Audi Future Le Mans Vision Car & Racing Shoes

Futuristic vision of the Le Mans car and racing shoes for the Audi & Audi Sport brand.

EONE. Electric City Car Concept

Designed in collaboration with Artur Gaca

EONE is the concept of a two-person electric car. Small and uncomplicated design improves travelling from A to B within the boundaries of urban landscape, enhancing comfort of the user. Slightly futuristic style matches well with possible trends of 2020s, when the car would be released. 

Dedicated to the people living in the large urban metropolis, EONE revolves around comfort and sustainability. Due to its small size, it may serve as a rental city car and a mean of public transport. EONE is fashioned with all of the necessary parts required for public roads travel, including all types of lights, etc. Single charge of the built-in battery allows to travel the distance of 105 km. Full charge takes roughly 3-4 hours, however duration of a quick charge is approximately 15 minutes. Car's maximum velocity is 125 km/h.

Valtra SAE Series

The aim of the project is presentation a futuristic vision of a tractor for the year 2040. It is a multi-functional & semi-autonomous electric tractor designed for Valtra Design Challenge 2017.

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