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Ducati Zero Electric Superbike 2020 by Suraj Tiwari

Ducati Zero is a vision for electric superbike in 2020. This concept features an all electric drivetrain, with light weight carbon-fiber chassis design derived from 1299 superleggera that encloses the light weight battery pack. It also sports a central hub Steering system, another iconic Italian element. The inverse shock absorbers placed in the belly of the motorbike help keep the volumes low to the ground. 

The design of this motorbike interprets the iconic design language of Ducati Superbikes in a totally new way showing new possibilities. The sleek design of headlamps thanks to the led laser light technology makes it an aerodynamic splitter and channels the air to cool the battery pack. this motorbike can be a lot more aerodynamically efficient as it has lean structure that aids to channelised airflow. the tank area retains the traditional form yet indicates absence of a furl cell with the narrow volume towards lower part of the tank.

Thesis project developed in collaboration with Ducati Design Centre, during Master’s Course in Transportation design at Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano. 

Designer: Suraj Tiwari
Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano


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