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Dacia EF-Vision 2050 by Florina Cristina Enciu

The goal of this diploma project was to create a complete concept car for the future, focusing on the interior and keeping the brand identity for Dacia: accessibility. Thus, the theme of the project is the elasticity and flexibility of the materials, which are meant to replace the complicated mechanisms that are usually used for the modularity of the interior elements (ex: extensible seats). The mechanisms also mean additional costs and shorter life span for the car. That's why the designer wanted to explore the natural and physical movement of the materials to create the comfort. 

The concept is a travelling car for 3 target people, business men, urban people that are involved in a lot of stressful activities and want to relax in short city-breaks. The purpose was to create a ready to go car which relieves the travelers of organizing the trip and taking the usual, big luggage for the nature trips, offering them all they need for relax, sleep, communicate, being in touch with the urban,business stuff etc.

Designer: Florina Cristina Enciu
National University of Arts, Bucharest

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