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Land Rover Orbis Autonomous Motorcycle by Prashant Bhalani

Land Rover Orbis is an Autonomous two-sphere motorcycle rather than the conventional two-wheeler. Concept is based on the recent spherical tyres concept by 'Goodyear'.

Since spherical tyres are omnidirectional and self balancing with the sphere as a pivot for the gyro, it might be useful to make a two-wheeler with autonomous mode. Such kind of motorcycle will move and self-lean in synchronization with GPS and by using various type of sensors and motorcycle riding will be no more the same.

In autonomous mode person will be able to enjoy the environment, click pictures,videos with the augmented reality user interface without giving to much attention on riding a motorcycle. These experience will create more connectivity with the other companion riders. Though there will be a riding mode too.

Land Rover Orbis is an example of How Design And Technology will shape the experience and latent needs of the people in future. There are so many more things to the autonomy and possibilities are endless!

Designer: Prashant Bhalani
MIT Institute of Design, India

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