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Aclimatis Modular Vehicles by Artur Gaca. Part 1: Asphalt

Aclimatis is a contemporary modular personal vehicle allows travel on all kinds of surfaces. There are three possible modes - roads, water and snow. Shifting the mode is achieved via replacing the modular suspension. The process itself is simple, easy and intuitive. Each module is equipped with an electrical engine and disc brakes. The battery is portable, allowing for easier replacing or charging. In Asphalt and Snow modules, the propulsion is located at the rear of the module. 

Water module is equipped with additional batteries within floaters. Waters is sucked through a grate and transmitted to a turbine with a special nozzle. When shifting from Asphalt or Snow to the Snow mode, entire power is transmitted from modules' batteries to the floater battery, where the engine is located. Vehicle may carry up to two people. The passenger's seat is fashioned with pedestals where feet may be placed during the ride, as well as grips hidden within the bike's tail. There are two trunks within the vehicle, one intended for luggage underneath the seats and one for the helmet storage. 

Aclimatis was also fashioned with all of the required for road travel types of lights, including road lights, turning lights, etc. Traditional mirrors were replaced with cameras, transmitting the view to a monitor located under the fairing. This allows for a better control over the surrounding environment, especially when the driver is inclined towards the rear. Front side of the fuel tank is covered with special material, enhancing the comfort while driving at the higher speed.

Designer: Arthur Gaca

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