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Jaguar Space-Type by Spencer Kim

Premium Value and Experience.

When Jaguar’s philosophy of 'Art of Performance' meets 'Autonomous', the most important value of Jaguar is the passenger's safety and futuristic experience. Jaguar Space-Type is an electric autonomous car inspired by astronomy and aviation Auto-Pilot system.

The exterior concept of the Jaguar Space-Type is magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is a region surrounding a planet like Earth in which protects the planet from solar and cosmic radiation. Just like how the magnetosphere protects the earth from dangerous substances, the Jaguar Space-Type protects the passengers from any hazardous circumstances and present the vision of an autonomous car with perfect safety. The Metallic finish, clean surface and violet smart glass inspired by nebula shows the futuristic characteristics of the Jaguar Space-Type.

Jaguar Space-Type's interior is inspired by an aviation Auto-Pilot function and cockpit. Passengers of Jaguar Space-Type can fully experience the feeling of a pilot. As the smart-glass extends from the front to the back, passengers given an extended view of the sky. Simultaneously as the cockpit opens and seats comes out from the body, the passengers are able to have a first-class experience. The futuristic and new way of entering the car, the Jaguar Space-Type safely greets the passengers.

Jaguar Space-Type embodies the concept of Yin and Yang, ‘How seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another'. The rigid structure of the body protects the soft interior space, which keeps the passengers safe and comfortable.

The Jaguar Space-Type is fully engaged with Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared Mobility also known as ACES. Not only does the Jaguar Space-Type have ACES, the most important complement of an autonomous vehicle; but also contains AI intelligence system and astronomy technology.

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