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DeLorean DMC-12 Redesign by Spencer Kim

Redesign of the 80's DeLorean DMC-12. In collaboration with DriveTribe Magazine.

What a 2018 model would look like if the company had survived. The iconic gull-wing doors were included alongside the unpainted stainless steel body construction and the quad-headlamps as the original model.

Design of the side window graphics mimics the 80's model. Two-toned front and rear bumper (carbon fiber) accent the 80's retro look. Spencer Kim designed the cover page to look as modern as possible by putting newest technology and social media references so it contrasts the 1980's model and my 2018 model.

Design features for the 2018 Delorean DMC-12:​​​​
 - Gull-wing doors
 - Stainless steel bodywork
 - Side window graphics
 - Strong front, side to rear character line passing through the car
 - Quad-headlamps design at the front
 - Rear engine/rear wheel drive layout
 - Slatted glass rear engine cover retained in a modern format
 - Layered rear-light design

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