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Honda CyberRace by Frédéric Le Sciellour

The goal of this Honda project is to rethink the way that we will do future race car competitions. Designer try to find interactive solutions to have better real actions during the race, a little bit like what we find in the video game racing. This is in order to attract the spectator to new technologies.

The vehicle is remotely controlled (a little bit like what we wind now with drones flying races). The races take place in the track of Shibuya. The track is built in the air, 10 meters above the ground weaving between buildings. With its special transparent coating the competition can even be seen from the ground. This track is specially designed for these new types of vehicles, using new types of technological advances. The track is connected and is able to display holograms and augmented reality. During the race you have the possibility to find on the track different items (bonus or malus). You have different grades of items and each pilots can upgrade the level of each item. Like that all the public can see what each pilot have as items and the activation time remaining.

The items are displayed around the car by the track thanks to the holographic technologies. Each car have integrated computer to permit to calculated the hologram and send the information to the holographic track technology. The public can also interact to the race (like what we see now in Formula E, the public can attribute a boost) here they could display hologram like animated collapsing building which create fear emotions in the pilots.

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