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T-Sleigh by Audi X RedBull by Alexandre Picard

T-Sleigh is a new competition vehicle which fits to your driving skills, from the beginner to the pro driver.

It offers new sensations and a driving space at the era of the autonomous vehicles, by reusing the abandonned bobsleigh facilities, from the Olympic Games.The Redbull brand supports this new challenge and creates 4 experience centers at the 4 abandonned sites. From an other side, Audi Sport, car manufacturer for who the electric competition is key, engineers and builds the T-Sleigh.

Every user could swich the seats according to his driving skills. 1 saddle for the professional driver and 2 different bucket seats for the 2 other levels. The design follows this idea. Thanks to that, the vehicle has 3 wheels and could be used in the 2 directions. When the 2 wheels are at the front, the attitude of the vehicle is more agressive and nervous, to team with the professional driver mood. And, when the monowheel is at the front, the attitude is more protective, fitting the beginner UX.

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