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VOY Autonomous Taxi by Kwanjun Ryu

In Complex city

It is pleasant when driving, but there is a problem when parking. That's why the importance of car sharing services is being raised. However, you will definitely experience parking problems while you are using the car sharing service. How can we get out of the stress of parking?

Voy is Electric vehicle and also Taxi service at the same time. This autonomous car makes it possible for you not to own your car. Voy is not just a Taxi service, but has the goal of providing a pleasant driving time for the user when traveling through an autonomous drive. Whenever you call Voy, this boy will come to pick you up and go.

Autonomous Driving - 6 Cameras

Voy does not have a steering wheel. But there are six real-time road-sensing 3d cameras. These six cameras convert the surrounding environment into a 360 degree image, enabling him to react to unexpected situations. Voy combines the real-time driving route information from the central server and the information he collects himself to bring you safest and fastest destination.

Book Your Voy

When you set the starting point and destination with smart phone, the nearest Voy will be assigned to you. Voy calls you by name or ID through the screen when you are near.

Changing Face

Voy's face is simple. But he can change his face more complex than any other car. A hidden lighting screen on the front of the Voy can be used to communicate with people and express the personality of the passenger.

Spacious interior

The interior of the Voy is simple. That's why it's a place where you can do everything.The more passengers there are, interior should not constrain the behavior of the user. Unseparated wide chairs for two, a space for legs, and a large screen will be a comfortable space for everyone. Of course it also need a place to put coffee.

Private Mode

Run private mode when you want to forget the city rather than enjoy the cityscape. The glass becomes opaque and creates space for you. Of course, you can also watch movies on a big screen through a dark panoramic glass when you are in private mode.

Two Charging Modes

After the operation, the Voy goes to the nearby Station and receives power. The wireless charger is the way to get power from an unmanned station. If Voy and you are going on a long trip, he will go to the nearest charging station before all the power goes down. There you will need to manually charge the power with the guidance of Voy.

Design for tomorrow

Voy makes our tomorrow become richer. Make the time you spent in the car a productive moment. If you are with Voy, you can enjoy today and tomorrow together.

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