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R67 by Aviar Motors

The first electric Muscle Car with incredible acceleration dynamics and a high level of comfort.
Acceleration: 2.2 seconds up to 100 km/h, power: 762 php.

Design: Classic proportions of American coupes combined with modern aerodynamic styling.


Electric Engine. Two electric motors provide instantaneous response and maximum torque 967 rpm.
Battery. Lithium-ion cells with a total volume of 100 kWh are reliably protected and placed under the bottom of the car for greater safety and weight distribution.
Automatic Pilot. R67 is equipped with advanced driver assistance capabilities designed to ensure safety and comfort.
Adaptive Air Suspension. Serves to improve aerodynamics and handling at high speeds. The car's ground clearance varies from 119 mm to 192 mm.
Structural Components. Suppoting aluminium frame. Carbon fiber frame with reinforcing elements.
AWD. Installing one motor per axle provides control of traction and torque monitored on each wheel in all weather conditions.

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