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Tesla Model S Shooting Brake by Niels van Roij Design and Remetzcar

Based on the Tesla Model S, this shooting brake was commissioned by Dutch collectioneur Floris de Raadt, who is an avid fan of shooting brakes and has owned several one-of-a-kind shooting brakes. Mr. de Raadt is also an early adopter of full electric driving since 2008. Niels van Roij Design was responsible for the Shooting Brake design. The project was supported by Dutch premium tyre manufacturer Vredestein.

About Niels van Roij Design 

Niels van Roij Design is the London-based, award-winning car design studio. The studio has completed research projects in the field of automotive design, coachbuilding and automotive research. With a compact team of top designers, Niels van Roij Design works with a variety of clients. The implementation of interdisciplinary projects makes the studio unique.



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